Voter Education

The activity of voter education during the registration period of 2013.

According to the Election Act, 1984, it is the role of the Commission to promote and coordinate voter education. The Commission, in collaboration with the public and private mass media, political parties and CSOs had programmes that facilitated the dissemination of voter education messages before and during the different stages of the process.

For the registration of 2013 Voter education perform these activities.

The Commission held seminars for leaders of political parties, government and CSOs in which they were educated about the different stages of the registration process for them to educate the public.
Also the Commission conduct seminars for secondary school in all districts of Unguja and Pemba and each District perform five seminars and leaf were also distributed.
The Zanzibar Electoral Commission printed some 37,500 leaflets with different messages urging different community groups to come out in big numbers for the registration exercise and updating the voter information.
The Distribution of Leaflets

In order to reach as many people of the targeted groups as possible, the Commission distributed the leaflets through various agents , District Registration Officers, and supply to the political parties NGO`s and some stakeholder.
The distribution of the leaflets put into consideration the population of a given District, the chances of getting news from the different media available and the geographical conditions of Pemba and Unguja.
The Table below shows how leaflets were distributed in Unguja and Pemba during the registration exercise.

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The Commission conducted mobilization through performing arts in sixteen villages in both Pemba and Unguja. The aim was to sensitize the people about the importance of registration and the need for them to turn up on registration. The Theater for Social Development (THESODE) arts group was engaged for that activity.