Mission and Vision

Strategic Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles 2015-2019
Vision Statement: An independent and credible organization with sufficient capacity to provide professional and efficient electoral services that results in strong public confidence.

Mission Statement: To deliver credible electoral services through conducting periodical boundary delimitation, maintaining a permanent voters’ register, organizing voter education and fostering stakeholder engagement.

Guiding Principles:
Independence: strengthened institutional autonomy in accordance with laws, regional guidelines and best practice.

Integrity:  honesty and ethical behaviour in all aspects of decision making and electoral service delivery.

Credibility:public and stakeholder confidence and acceptance of electoral results.

Accountability: robust financial systems and sound core business practices.

Transparency:   relevant information and mechanisms to facilitate timely scrutiny of the electoral cycle.

Professional: high standards of service delivery in all phases of the electoral cycle.

Capacity development: a work environment that is conducive to staff capacity development.

Gender and social inclusion: gender equality and social inclusion, particularly focusing on women, youth and PWDs.