Gender Policy 2015

Under both the 1984 Zanzibar Constitution and the 1984 Elections Act (together with various amendments) the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) is mandated to ensure effective management of the general conduct of electoral processes in Zanzibar through setting various procedures and taking necessary and appropriate measures. One fundamental role of the ZEC through (among other things) the provision and regulation of voter education, is to promote and preserve the ability of all eligible citizens to effectively and equally participate in the electoral processes. In the context of elections, this entails an adherence to democratic principles of universal suffrage, political equality and inclusive participation throughout the electoral cycle.

The ZEC has a tremendous responsibility of ensuring that those democratic principles are adhered to in both, the management of its functions and supervision of the electoral processes. This is due to the fact that there can be no credible election without the participation of eligible citizens from all walks of society (men, women, the young and elderly, the disabled, rural and urban dwellers). Ensuring this, however, requires a strategic guide.


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